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Energy Performance Regulations

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Permaseal UK Ltd is an accredited installer of Duratherm which holds BBA Accreditation No. 10/4471 in respect of our materials supplier, Isothane Ltd.

Energy Performance Regulation

Following recent legislation changes, commercial properties up and down the country must now adhere to all new energy performance regulations. From April 2018 onwards in England and Wales, and from September 2016 in Scotland, landlords will have to ensure that their properties meet a new minimum in energy efficiency.

The new regulations will require all commercial property that is to be leased in England and Wales to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of ‘E’ or above. It will be unlawful to rent out a business property if the premises falls below the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), and any building that fails to meet these standards - so are rated either ‘F’ or ‘G’ - will be subject to a drop in value and a classification as substandard. In Scotland, not only will the new legislation affect leasing property, but also the sale of commercial property too.

As a result of the changes, you will need to ensure that your property meets the requirements laid out in HM Government’s 2015 energy act, else you may face fines of up to £150,000 when the rulings come into force. Permaseal are committed to making sure that all commercial properties are prepared for the change, particularly for the estimated almost 20% of commercial properties that are EPC rated ‘F’ or ‘G’. Furthermore, we are also dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of buildings that have a low ‘E’ rating, as an estimated 19% of properties are at risk of deteriorating in the future and falling below the MEES.

By providing a variety of services, we seek to ensure that the properties we work on meet the most exacting of energy efficiency criteria. We offer these services, including spray foam roof insulation and roof stablisation, to commercial clients throughout the UK. To find out how we could help your property meet the new energy performance regulations, be sure to contact our professional team today.

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