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Permaseal UK Ltd specialise in spray foam roof insulation and roof renovation services across the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

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Permaseal UK Ltd is an accredited installer of Duratherm which holds BBA Accreditation No. 10/4471 in respect of our materials supplier, Isothane Ltd.

Spray Foam Insulation in New Build Homes

New build homes are built to stringent energy saving standards, meaning they’re warmer, more cost-efficient and have a lesser impact on the environment than ever before. If you’re building a new home, or redeveloping a property, you’ll know the government targets for reducing the UK’s carbon footprint mean that you will have to adhere to … Continue reading

Loft Conversions at a Fraction of the Price

Is your loft just a cold, dirty, dusty area with little or no use apart from storing Christmas decorations and boxes? Have you ever thought about the benefits that a loft conversion could bring to your house and lifestyle but been worried about the cost? Spray foam insulation can provide the answer to transforming your … Continue reading

Reducing Heat Loss From Your Home This Winter

No matter how hard you try to keep your home heated and comfortable, if you have poorly insulated areas, the heat will escape and lower the temperature inside. It’s estimated that around of third of the heat produced in homes is lost through poor insulation, indicating you could be spending a lot more on your … Continue reading

An Alternate Way To Protect Roofs from Rot

Spray foam has been accused of causing damp and rot in roofs, but in actual fact spray foam could save your roof from impending damp, and create a dry and comfortable loft space. There are so many different kinds of insulation that finding the one that will offer the best benefits for your home can … Continue reading

Which Spray Foam Suits Which Need? Agrispray, Pirthane, Duratherm, Thermadek

Isothane are a leading manufacturer of a range of polyurethane spray foams which when spray applied by an approved contractor such as Permaseal, give exceptional results. Each spray foam has different qualities, but all are designed to give the best results for insulation, buoyancy, building stabilisation and condensation control in different environments. Agrispray Agrispray is … Continue reading

Insulating Metal Roofs – Spray Foam Is An Option

Metal roofs, usually installed in large commercial or industrial premises are renowned for suffering from poor insulation and excessive condensation, resulting in high energy usage and costs. Having them replaced or over-cladded can be costly and cause much disruption but often these are seen as the only options to provide a solution, especially because traditional … Continue reading

What’s The Lifespan Of Spray Foam Insulation?

Polyurethane spray foam has been applied commercially since the 1960s. Initially it was used for exterior insulation, cold storage and industrial insulation projects, but as the quality and efficiency of foam roofing systems began to increase, they started to be used for interior applications, including the underside of roofs, insulating storage tanks and water pipes. … Continue reading

4 Ways To Improve Your Roof’s Stability

Leaks and excess moisture can cause damp and rot which may affect the supporting timbers, gaps or holes that let in draughts, and will not allow the weather to penetrate your home, making it less efficient, but can also allow insects and animals access to your home. We discuss a few of the more common, … Continue reading

Deal or No Deal? The Green Deal Explained

Keeping your carbon footprint as low as possible is one of the biggest concerns for many homeowners today, not just because of the government’s current push to cut our carbon emissions but also because of the increasing energy prices, especially after such a long, cold winter. We all know sufficient insulation can make a huge … Continue reading

Noise Reduction – Acoustic Benefits of Spray Foam

The advantages of proper insulation in your walls and roof are untold, from saving money on energy bills through heat retention to reducing the likelihood of mould and mildew growth. It’s not just the obvious benefits that you could profit from; good insulation also works as an effective acoustic insulation. Acoustic Insulation Utilising polyurethane spray … Continue reading